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Warning: Real Acts of Virgin Defloration!!!  

This site contains pictures and videos of beautiful teen girls losing their virginity, in various states of undress; engaged in such scandalous deeds as letting their clothing slide from their lithe and silky bodies, revealing their beautiful cherry, and breaking their hymen with dildos or hired men. This site contains graphic, vivid imagery of intact hymens and broken hymens. You Must be 18 (21 in some areas) or older to Access this site!!!!! If you are offended by the sight of beautiful naked teens experiencing sex for the first time, if you are upset by the sight of bodily fluids, in other words if you are offended by sexually explicit content, then please wall art stickers

Members of our site are a privileged number, because they get to repeatedly see what few men do - genuine virgins in the act of losing their virginity. Some of our fresh, teen virgins break their hymen (the thin membrane inside the vagina that partially closes the opening until it is broken - usually by sexual intercourse) with a dildo, some fuck themselves silly with their own fingers, and some allow a male model to take their virginity from them. They all do it for the Erotic Act cameras, and we bring all the images to you!

below are just a few of the virgin girls that came into our studio

Our latest model was shy and difficult to work with, but very interesting for me. She is a pure virgin, having no sexual experience of any kind.

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is 18 years old, from Russia.
We videotaped and photographed her virgin pussy for you!

Act of Defloration!

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was very shy but curious about sex. She let me take her virginity in front of the camera. You will see her hymen very close-up on the video

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is 19 years old. from Budapest.
We videotaped and photographed her virgin pussy for you!
Yes you can see her hymen!


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is an 18 year old virgin from Budapest.  She is unknown to men, but she shows us how experienced she is with a dildo! You will love her innocent looks!

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Yes, you can see her cherry! We videotaped and photographed all this for you!
We think you will love how we captured her innocence

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is 19 years old and from Budapest. She was saving her virginity for someone special - and you are it!

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Little Sylvia
was not bashful at all. She came into the studio and sat down with her legs slightly apart. I saw a perfect virgin pussy, trimmed with short blonde hair.

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At first she wanted to only do a still photo session. But after awhile she became more relaxed and eager to do the video of losing her virginity.

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broke her cherry herself with her fingers. The hymen bled, but she did not stop masturbating until she had an orgasm!

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She shivered with fear and excitement from the touch of my hands on her inner thighs. She had never let a boy see or touch her pussy.

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wanted to tear off her hymen in front of the camera! It yielded to her fingers and red fluid spilled over her pussy, her hand and the bed!

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close-up video clips of hymen at the moment
        that they are broken

Graphic close-up videos allow you to see our teen girls’ intact hymen, then witness the exact moment they lose their virginity. Sometimes you can even hear they snap of the hymen breaking! WARNING: These videos are very explicit!!!

Click on an image below for a full size sample

Sample Video

All of our videos are of the highest quality, unique, and not found anywhere else. You will need the Divx Codec to view this clip.

Check out our archives for more coeds losing their virginity for the first time on camera!

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All models featured are at least 18 years of age.
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